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We are so proud of all we have achieved with your support, thank you!

Our teams at SignHealth provide ongoing critical and personal support through our services everyday. In addition we have taken bold action to respond to the pandemic. Thank you to all of our partners and supporters who have driven us forwards and encouraged our efforts.

The Report is available to download as a PDF, read online or view the British Sign Language translation.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

“The whole point of SignHealth is to improve deaf people’s health and wellbeing so it is fantastic to see our impact in achieving that set out so clearly here. I am very proud of the work we do and of our relationships with other organisations as we will only achieve our goal by working in partnership.”

James Watson-O’Neill, Executive Officer
In 2019/20 we:
  • Won the Board Diversity and Inclusivity Award at the 2019 UK Charity Governance Awards. Continued to recruit more Deaf staff and create an inclusive environment by ensuring that all hearing staff achieve at least level 2 in British Sign Language.
  • Provided exceptional support during the Coronavirus pandemic. This included campaigning with other charities to improve the amount of information available in BSL, translating Publish Health England guidance and daily government press briefings into BSL videos and launching our free interpreting service BSL Health Access.
  • Joined forces with Shout to launch a Crisis Text Service, providing free and immediate crisis support for Deaf people.

“Our staff support our clients in turning their lives around and to grow in confidence and independence. It is incredible and inspiring work and I am proud to be a part of it.”

Rebecca Mansell, Director of Communications and Fundraising
Our services have gone from strength to strength. Over the year we have:
  • Received 441 referrals for psychological therapy and increased our ‘reliable improvement’ rate to 61%, compared to the NHS target of 50%.
  • Supported 120 Deaf domestic abuse survivors and re-homed 8 families, as well as provided 313 children and young people with healthy relationships training.
  • Continued to provide person-centred social care support through our residential and outreach services.

Our Plan

How SignHealth will change and grow so that we can do more to improve Deaf people’s health and wellbeing