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On Tuesday 11 July 2023, Stacey Witter, Zohra Khan and Kirsty Dix from SignHealth’s Campaigns team led our first campaign advisory group meeting working to create change with a brand-new campaign. The campaign will launch this year in September.

Last year, we recruited 18 deaf people from all over the UK to create a campaign advisory group. This month, 12 of the 18 deaf people met for the first time to share their lived experiences, perspectives and ideas for the campaign that will aim to end the inequalities we face.

The group will be meeting four times between 2023 and 2024 to support driving the campaign activities, and sharing feedback and perspectives. This is an incredibly important step forward for working together with the community and other organisations to drive social change and work towards ending the inequalities we face.

Meet a few campaign advisory group members

Tasnia Ali

Davina Mayor

Kirstie Stage

Oluwatofunmi Peace Adeosun