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Date: 9am, 4 July 2020

Place: Park, beach, footpath, canal, mountain – wherever you find yourself

Distance: Choose your challenge – 10K, 25K or 40K

Aim: Get active, breathe the fresh air, and raise both money and awareness for Deaf mental health support

4 July 2020 Live Updates



Check out JustGiving for the latest updates on how much we’ve raised!


SignHealth invites you to take part in a virtual event which will get the whole community walking on the 4th of July 2020. Everybody is welcome to take part.

Not only can you raise money for Deaf people’s mental health services, by getting outside for some fresh air, you can do some good for your own physical and mental wellbeing.

Jon Brown, Supporter Engagement Officer

Last year, the Two Deaf Foot walk went from John O’ Groats to Land’s End. In 58 days, they walked over 1,035 miles from Scotland to Cornwall to fundraise for SignHealth’s work in mental health. We have organised this walk to continue that march and fundraise to improve services for Deaf people with mental health challenges.

What’s next?

There are three simple steps and then a few additional ideas you could try to make you Walk4Wellbeing a smashing success.

1. Choose how far you want to walk and sign up.
  • 10km
  • 25km
  • 40km
2. Start fundraising or give a suggested donation on Justgiving.

We really encourage you to try fundraising if you haven’t done it before. We can help you get set up with your own JustGiving page and it’s a fun way to get your friends and family involved. They can motivate you to walk the distance and it gives you the chance to tell them how important this is to you.


If you can’t fundraise this time, you can still take part with a suggested donation of £10 before July 4th.

Please also help us raise awareness by sharing your experience so that everyone knows there is support available and no one needs to struggle alone.

3. Be ready at 9am on Saturday the 4th July 2020 when the virtual whistle blows!

At 8.40am you can join in on Facebook Live with Jon Brown, Daniel Dorney and James Townsend for some motivation, warm ups and stretches.

Go above and beyond


Want to track and share your journey? You can also train for the challenge and show others what you’re doing to prepare. Download the Strava app and join the SignHealth Walk4Wellbeing club.

*Note: If you use Strava, we advise starting and finishing your journey recording somewhere other than your home so that your address is not made public. For more information about Strava visit www.strava.com/legal/privacy

Share your journey

Along the way you could share a selfie or even livestream a video explaining why you joined Walk4Wellbeing. It’s a great way to update the friends and family supporting you.

Let’s also post encouragement. Those participating and those following at home, in the lead up and on the day. It’s important to remember to be kind to ourselves and others.

Please include hashtags like #Walk4Wellbeing #TeamSignHealth #MentalHealthAwareness #DeafMentalHealth.

Once you have completed the walk, you can share your achievement for all to see!

Go Purple, Go Pink

Don’t forget to kit yourself out in SignHealth’s colours by wearing something pink and/or purple. You could wear a t-shirt or wig, wave a banner, or even go all out and dye your hair and paint your nails!

Win the award for best outfit by posting a picture on social media of yourself all dressed up with the hashtag #Walk4Wellbeing.

How fast can you go?

If you like being competitive then you can time yourself and try to complete your distance in the fastest time. There will be awards in the 10km, 25km and 40km distances for people with the best times coming in first, second, or third place.

Invite others

Send a friend message saying:
SignHealth is organising a Walk4Wellbeing in support Deaf mental health services and I thought you might be interested in joining!
4 July 2020 – details at signhealth.org.uk/walk4wellbeing
#TeamSignHealth #Walk4Wellbeing

Mental Health Support

The past few months of lockdown have been tough, and Deaf people’s mental health has suffered, especially with issues around lack of access to mainstream services, to interpreter provision, therapies, and increased levels of domestic abuse. Your fundraising efforts will help SignHealth provide more access to these important services.

SignHealth works to improve the health and wellbeing of Deaf people. We provide services directly in British Sign Language (BSL), working in partnership with the NHS and campaigning for change.

Deaf people are twice as likely as hearing people to experience mental health problems, often due to social isolation caused by communication barriers and a lack of wider awareness of the problems that Deaf people face. On top of this, we do not have equal access to the mental health services that hearing people do. SignHealth provides a range of services that help to combat this.

All donations made will go to the Two Deaf Foot Fund.

July 2020 Update: Staff from SignHealth recently met with Mark Hodgson of Two Deaf Foot and we came to the conclusion that we see the world differently, particularly regarding diversity and discrimination. Mark stepped back from activities with SignHealth in June 2020 and together we have now agreed that this will be a permanent separation between him and any other leadership activities with SignHealth . We will always be grateful to Mark for his tremendous fundraising efforts with Two Deaf Foot in 2019 and for championing deaf mental health.

We offer psychological therapy in BSL