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When a baby is unwell, they may conserve energy by slowing down their movements. This can be the first sign of a problem.

55% of women who had a stillbirth noticed their baby’s movements had slowed down or stopped but hadn’t reported it. If this symptom is reported promptly there is a window of opportunity in which the baby’s life may be saved.

We want our #movementsmatter campaign to raise awareness of the importance of foetal movements across the UK. The campaign is supported by NHS England and Kicks Count

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (ESHT) provide acute hospital and community health services for people living in East Sussex and surrounding areas.

Their services are mainly provided from two district general hospitals, Conquest Hospital and Eastbourne DGH both of which have Emergency Departments and provide care 24 hours a day. They offer a comprehensive range of surgical, medical and maternity services supported by diagnostic and therapy services.