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The pandemic affected every single person in the UK. Every one of our experiences is unique and this is your opportunity to share with the UK Covid-19 Inquiry the impact it had on you, your life, and the other people around you. While we can’t change the past, by sharing your experience with the Inquiry, you can help us to understand and assess what happened to you during the pandemic. This will assist the development of recommendations made by the Inquiry, that could help future generations. Any details that could identify you will be removed before analysis and publication. 

Lynn Stewart-Taylor will be leading two sessions on Monday 24 June with a small group of you (between 4-6 people), please sign up below if you are interested in sharing your story. We cannot guarantee that you will be invited to the session depending on the number of interests.

Covid-19 Inquiry focus group sign up form

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Which session(s) are you available to join on Monday 24 June 2024 ?(Required)
Can we collect your experiences via notes so they can be fed into Every Story Matters reports? Please note all experiences will be anonymous and no personal data will be collected.(Required)
Tick the box below to confirm the following: I know that I can withdraw from this session at any time.(Required)