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What is the difference between deaf and Deaf?

It’s not a typo, here is a quick explanation

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12 tips for communicating with Deaf patients?

Communication barriers are the #1 reason Deaf people have had poorer health

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Who uses British Sign Language (BSL)?

70,000 people in the UK, maybe you should too

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Deaf Awareness Week 2024

Let’s raise deaf awareness in the NHS!

Deaf Awareness Poster

Print and post to raise awareness and improve communication.

Deafness in the UK

Approximately 70,000 people in the UK are born profoundly deaf or become Deaf before they can speak. Being Deaf has a significant impact on our ability to navigate a society and healthcare system designed by and for hearing people.

Becoming more deaf aware can make a big difference and helps remove barriers that impact our health and wellbeing.

Courses are also available for individuals and businesses on the Get Deaf Aware website.

Watch the video below to see what Deaf people experience when attempting to access healthcare. What would you do in this situation?

Deaf people have a legal right to access healthcare and have their communication needs met. 

This video was made in 2010 by SignHealth and the NHS Deaf Children, Young People and Family Service (National Deaf CAMHS).  Produced by Mutt & Jeff Pictures.

About SignHealth

We work to improve the health and wellbeing of Deaf people in the UK.

We provide care homes and outreach services for Deaf people with long-term mental health problems and other complex needs. Our homes operate entirely in sign language. We also run a Psychological Therapies service, offering therapy conducted in BSL. In addition we run the UK’s only Domestic Abuse support service for Deaf people and our advocacy team help Deaf people understand and protect their rights.

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