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What we know

Deaf young people are more likely to feel sad and find things difficult, than hearing people of the same age.

Some deaf young people have something called “language deprivation” which can make it even harder because you might not know how to explain what you are feeling.

Not all deaf young people know how to get help or where to go for support that is accessible to them.

The support in schools and colleges can sometimes vary depending on where you live and what type of school you go to.

It can be hard to find other deaf people to admire, encourage you and offer support. These people are called deaf role models.

It can be hard work facing barriers every day and you might be feeling lonely.

What we are doing

We don’t think that the support available to deaf young people at the moment is good enough.

SignHealth are working hard to talk to people in Government, the NHS and other organisations to help them understand what you need. We are looking at lots of different ways to improve the support available for you.

What you should know to stay safe

We have some short films in BSL which you might find helpful. They show examples of unhealthy relationships and things that are abusive.

There are also some videos for deaf people of all ages about all topics here: British Sign Language Health Video Library

Expect Respect
What do good and bad relationships look like?

The Underwear Rule
Advice from the NSPCC for children

A short film commissioned by the Home Office

What does consent look like in a relationship?

Honour Based Abuse
You have rights

What is stalking, is it ok?

LGBTQ+ relationships
Examples of abuse

Female Genital Mutilation
What is FGM?

Why are we talking about Domestic Abuse?

Sometimes deaf young people miss out on important information about what domestic abuse is and what is available to support you if you have been hurt or have seen something that was abuse. If this happens to you, it can make things more difficult for you later on in your life.

At SignHealth, we want everybody to be safe and healthy and achieve anything they want to. 

Do you need to talk to someone?

If you have seen something abusive, or you think it’s happened to you, you can contact us for support. SignHealth have people who can help:

Email: da@signhealth.org.uk 
Text: 07800 003421

It is very important that your private information like your name, address and phone number is kept private and safe. We will not share this information with other people unless we have to. We will keep your information in a secure place.

“I had an ‘honour-based’ killing in my family and no one explained to me what this meant. During a short one-to-one session with SignHealth I understood more, and now I can cope better.”

Deaf young person, aged 13

Where you can go for support

It is important that you talk to someone if you are finding things difficult. You could talk to someone in your family or a teacher or wellbeing officer at your school or college. Or perhaps you know someone at a youth club, or a doctor. Below we have listed some organisations that also offer support, if you need it:

BEAT help young people with eating disorders. They have a webchat if you need to talk to someone.

The National Deaf CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) is a specialist service run by the NHS. They provide professional mental health care for Deaf children and young people who need support with emotions, development and behaviour. You can be referred to them by a doctor, audiologist, social worker or a teacher. They will then assess you and decide what treatment you need. Select from the services below.

National Deaf Children's Society Logo

National Deaf Children’s Society have a helpline who are happy to answer questions and have lots of information and guidance on lots of different topics.

The Mix support young people who are under the age of 25. They have a web chat and email too. There are lots of articles and information on the website about all sorts of topics.

Papryus offer support for young people under the age of 35 who are feeling suicidal, or are considering doing something that is risky to their life. They also help people who have lost someone to suicide or are worried about someone. Their contact details, including a text number is on their website.

SignHealth Young People Violence Advisors are here to support you if you have seen something abusive happen or you think it has happened to you. You can contact us by text 07800 003421 or email da@signhealth.org.uk

Over 18 years old? If you know someone who is an adult (over the age of 18), they can self-refer to therapy here: Psychological Therapy – SignHealth

Young Minds offer a text service if you need urgent help. You can text ‘YM’ to 85258 and someone will reply: Shout Textline | Free 24/7 Mental Health Support Via Text | YoungMinds

The work of SignHealth’s Young People’s Violence Advisor’s (YPVAs) is proudly supported by The National Lottery.