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Supporting Deaf people to get fair and transparent treatment and services.


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We work to make sure you are treated fairly. In BSL, our advocates help explain complicated situations, your rights and make sure you are properly heard.

We specialise in working in mental health hospitals (for children and adults) and prisons, as well as with general issues related to care assessments, employment disputes, housing, benefits tribunals, etc. 

Our advocates won’t take control, tell you what to do, or advise you what is best for you.  You can do that for yourself with the right support.

Our services have been contracted throughout the UK, however we do not offer a community drop-in service. 

Would you like support from an advocate?

Download and complete our advocacy form and return it by email. 


Not sure if you need an advocate? 

Contact us to discuss your situation with someone on our team.

Text  07984 439473
Call 07966 976747 

Why does SignHealth provide an advocacy service?

In difficult situations there are often barriers that make it difficult to get the information and support we need to make our case. Our advocates enable Deaf people to defend their rights and have their views and wishes genuinely considered when decisions are being made about their lives.

We are working towards a future without barriers to good health and wellbeing for all Deaf people.