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The third Monday of the year, also known as Blue Monday, is considered by many as the year’s most depressing day. We want you to know that your mental health is important and that support is available.

The holiday season is over and many people struggle to find the motivation to get through the cold, dark days and expectations for the year ahead feel overwhelming. This can lead to frustration and low self-esteem.

These gloomy feelings can be worsened by the financial pressure caused by holiday spending, as well as all the insecurities brought by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mental health challenges can also happen at any time of the year to anyone. Take this as a reminder to do things that support your wellbeing. You are important and if you are struggling to be yourself and find motivation, please reach out for support.

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Learn more about our service providing NHS Therapies for Deaf People with anxiety and depression

Depression and low mood self-help videos in BSL

SignHealth Crisis Text Service

If you are deaf and experiencing a crisis, text DEAF to 85258 for free and immediate support.

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For more resources in BSL, visit:

BSL Health Video Library

The largest collection of BSL videos and short films related to your health and wellbeing