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First, try and go to bed at similar time regularly for the next seven nights and to try and wake up similar time every morning too.  Then you can get into the habit of regular time.   

Second, try and relax just before going to bed such as listen to music, read a magazine, have a bath or shower, have a chat with your partner.  Important not to play on game console such as PlayStation, mobile phone, watching television, especially before sleep time as it is not good to do.  Important to look at something that helps you to relax. 

Third, try and not drink caffeinated drinks, sugary drinks, fizzy drinks or energy drink.  Eating well is also linked to good sleep, try and make sure that you are not too full or eat late in the evening.  Try and have a good balance of food. 

Try and make sure that your bedroom is comfortable, that it has the right temperature, not too hot or cold.  Make sure it is roomy and not squashed with things.  Ensure it is not bright light or curtains opened, try and have it in a dark room using lamp. 

Throughout the day try and keep busy, going for a walk in the fresh air, because being busy will help you feel relaxed in the evening and feel more tired. Try and not to have a nap in the afternoon, save this for night time as this will help you feel tired and try and keep busy going for a walk outside, knitting, cleaning the house or going out with friends.

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