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UK Health Security Agency – COVID-19 vaccination: British Sign Language resources available HERE

Salford Signed Video

Information from the NHS

We asked a GP about the vaccine. Is it safe? What is in it? Can I live normally after I get it?

For the latest official information and updates visit www.nhs.uk/covid-vaccine

Marlene’s story of getting the vaccine

As a key worker at SignHealth Marlene was eligible for the vaccine. We asked her what it was like.

Interpreters at Vaccination Appointments

If a BSL interpreter is not present, you can use the SignVideo app or website to use NHS 119 BSL for instant access at any Covid-19 vaccination appointment in the UK.

Avoid Fraud

The vaccine will always be free from the NHS.

NHS Leaflets

Vaccination Guide
What to expect after vaccination
COVID-19 booster vaccination
Pregnant – guidance for women
Waiting after your vaccine
Guidance for ages 12-17

Coronavirus Updates

Watch, share and download the latest COVID-19 information and guidance available in BSL.