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Time to celebrate!

SignHealth are very excited to be supporting the launch of 999 BSL, the UK’s first emergency Video Relay Service.

We have supported Deaf organisations across the UK to throw parties on 17th June to celebrate the launch – and you are invited! Find your nearest event below and scroll down for details.


Who are the parties for?

Everyone! However, each organisation will have their own guidelines about how to register, so please RSVP/contact the organisation whose party you wish to attend.

What is 999 BSL?

The 999 BSL emergency Video Relay Service (VRS) will allow Deaf BSL users to communicate clearly and effectively with non-BSL users and will allow instructions from the emergency services to be more easily understood by BSL users. It will involve a Deaf BSL user signing via a video link to a remote interpreter who is based in a location such as a call centre using a connected device such as a smartphone, tablet or PC. The interpreter will translate what is signed to the hearing person (in this case, the emergency services) and sign the responses from the emergency services back to the Deaf BSL user.

Why isn’t there a celebration in my city?

999 BSL will be available for all of the UK, but SignHealth has only been able to find event partners to celebrate its launch in the locations listed above.