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Salford Signed Video

Information from the NHS

We asked a GP about the vaccine. Is it safe? What is in it? Can I live normally after I get it?

For the latest official information and updates visit www.nhs.uk/covid-vaccine

Marlene’s story of getting the vaccine

As a key worker at SignHealth Marlene was eligible for the vaccine. We asked her what it was like.

Interpreters at Vaccination Appointments

If a BSL interpreter is not present, you can use the InterpreterNow app to use NHS 119 BSL for instant access at any Covid-19 vaccination appointment in the UK.

Avoid Fraud

The vaccine will always be free from the NHS.

NHS Leaflets

Vaccination Guide
What to expect after vaccination

Coronavirus Updates

Watch, share and download the latest COVID-19 information and guidance available in BSL.