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1 September 2022

SignHealth has co-signed this joint statement on the cost of living crisis from Sarah Vibert, CEO, NCVO and Jane Ide, CEO, ACEVO and many other charities.

We are calling on government to urgently deliver meaningful financial support to those in greatest need, directly to households and through the benefits systems that already exist to provide that support.

We are also calling on government to provide targeted financial support for those charities and voluntary organisations that are on the frontline of supporting people through this crisis, and to ensure that charities, voluntary and community organisations are included in any plans to support businesses.

Read the full statement and list of signatories: https://www.acevo.org.uk/2022/09/cost…

Find out more about this work from ACEVO and the NCVO.

Why SignHealth?

The majority of our 150 staff are Deaf people and our award winning board has been recognised for its diversity and inclusivity. Together we are working to improve health and wellbeing for everyone.

Deaf people continue to face barriers in mainstream health and social care services. Since 1986 we have been providing services to the Deaf community and campaigning for more Deaf awareness and better access.  

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