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Beatrice was 84 years old, profoundly Deaf and infirm. She had lived on her own since her husband and son died. 

One day Beatrice fell after turning on the TV. She lay on the floor for two days without food or water, unable to seek assistance. 

SignHealth’s outreach worker started visiting Beatrice weekly for an hour or two, helping her with things she can’t do alone, like translating letters into sign language and having a chat.

Beatrice tried living in a care home, but surrounded only by hearing people and unable to talk with them, she felt even more alone.

Without outreach from SignHealth, Beatrice would have been isolated.

Why does SignHealth provide specialist social care services?

Some Deaf people need additional support in order to live safely or carry out ordinary tasks.  This support is much more effective when delivered by staff who know BSL and understand Deaf culture.   
At SignHealth, we are working towards a future without barriers to good health and wellbeing for all Deaf people.